Welcome to the original pointeperfect.com! 

Yes, we’re back! Whaaaaat!

Pointeperfect.com orginated in 2013, the first ever place on the internet where a  dancer could get aswers aout her own feet, and how to find the perfect set of pointe shoes.  

In about 2016 companies began completely re-doing their pointe lines, and your pointe obsessed creator just couldn’t keep up.  Life got in the way, and your creator neglected the site to deal with other huge life issues.  But… we’re baaaaaaaack! We’re working on updating the database, but you can still learn your foot type and view the old shoes! 


Arguably the most important page on our website for many years – Learn Your Foot Type! 

Learn what your foot shape is, an how that impacts your pointe options! 



Our old database is still available, although the awesome sorting feature is disabled.   

Keep in mind this is a very old database and many of these shoes have been discontinued.  



Feel inclined to read through our old articles?  Go ahead! 



A lot has changed since 2013, see what we’ve been up to!  


Articles & More

Buy based on Shape, not Star Rating!

“What’s your favorite pointe shoe?” A question every pointe student will ask at some point during their pointe career.  Dancers will ask friends, teachers, classmates and strangers on the internet.[…]

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Interview with an Adult Ballet Student: Kimberly Nichole Johnson

Welcome to the second installment in our Interview with an Adult Ballet Dancer series!  This series will follow adult students of all types and ages who dance as adults, and aren’t[…]

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Interview with an Adult Ballet Dancer: Michon

Welcome to our first ever Interview with an Adult Ballet Dancer!  This series will follow adult students of all types and ages who dance as adults, and aren’t necessarily reaching[…]

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Success Stories! 

“this is perfect thank u so much!!!! “


“Ive found this site so helpful in learning to understand each aspect of my foot and its importance of a pointe shoes.”


“This has been sooooooo helpful! Finding a pair of pointe shoes Online can be a real risk, but I have no choice where I live. I learned a lot here.”

-Emma Darga

“I Wish you had been around 35 years ago when I was ruining my feet and toenails with pointe shoes! I just got bunion surgery, so I know the downside of not having shoes that fit well. Yes, ladies, take it from me, it’s worth more than you ever know to get properly fitted pointe shoes. PointePerfect is doing a huge favor for the dreams and aspirations of dancers the world over.”


“Thank you so much for providing all this info! I’m back up on pointe after 15 years away, and I when I went to get my shoes, I didn’t really know what I wanted, but I felt like I wasn’t going in totally blind. However, the store that I went to doesn’t really know how to fit shoes, and I had no idea how big a range there was to choose from now. I’ve been miserable in my shoes, and my teacher suggested I think about getting a different pair, but I wasn’t sure it was the shoes (and not just my form). I started to do some research and stumbled across your site! I’ve learned so much about pointe shoes, and I started to see that, while my form does need plenty of correction, the shoes I had were completely wrong for my feet. I went ahead and made a fitting appointment with the shop that’s sort of seen as the experts in our area, even though it’s a couple of hours away. Finally had my fitting yesterday and I’m completely in love with my new shoes! When I put them on, they actually felt good, and I could just tell they were right for my feet. I don’t know if I would have felt confident to pay out the money for new shoes had I not had my eyes opened by what I read on your site.”


“Thank you for this blog. That’s all I can say. You most definitely have made this blog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much about the subject, you’ve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this part of the internet. Again, thank you for this blog.”