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Hello!  I’m Lindsay, creator of  Thank you for stopping by! 

Q:  What is PointePerfect?

A: is the only place on the internet where you can translate your own foot shape to pointe shoe fit!  Visitors are encouraged to visit the Learn Your Foot Type page first to gain an understanding about their feet, and then use that information in the Pointe Shoe Finder tool to get a list of shoes that are compatible with your foot type!

Q:  How does the “Pointe Shoe Finder” tool work?  

A:  The “Finder” tool is versatile, allowing dancers to select preferences in nine different categories, to return a highly specific list of pointe shoes.  Be as specific or broad in your search as you’d like, it’s up to you!

Here is an example of creator Lindsay’s specific search, which reduced the dizzying number of makes/models from 89 to 6!

Finder Example

Slightly Tapered Box
Long Vamp
Narrow – Medium Narrow Width
Low Profile
U Shaped Throat
Hard Shank
Medium Heel

Finder Results:

Grishko DreamPointe
So Danca Natasha
Gaynor Minden
Grishko 2007
Grishko 2007 Pro
Grishko 2007 ProFlex

Interestingly enough, of the 6 models returned by the Finder tool, Lindsay has purchased and fits well in 5 of the 6 models!

5 Pairs Finder


Q:  Why is this service free? 

A:  The owner of believes that with the perfect pointe shoes, pointework can be pain free.  Don’t mistake pain for discomfort– pointe will never be a comfortable or easy endeavor, but no dancer should be in excruciating pain during class or performance.  After being fit for many painful, poorly fitting pointe shoes, Lindsay took matters into her own hands, and began the countless hours of research it took to build this site.

Yes, this took time to complete- but in that time, how many young dancers gave up because it was too painful to continue?  How many hours of struggle have dancers endured due to lack of knowledge about their own foot type and pointe needs?  It’s time to stop the madness.  We want this information to be available to anyone who needs it.  We want to change the way dancers, teachers and pointe fitters approach pointe fitting.



More about PointePerfect creator Lindsay…… 



Lindsay began dancing at the age of 3, and continued through age 18 in ballet, pointe, tap and jazz styles.  She also performed in musicals, show choir competitions, and went to school for music education.  Lindsay took a few years off of dance to pursue other careers and hobbies, returning to ballet in 2011.  Lindsay now takes every style available including ballet, pointe, jazz, lyrical, tap and contemporary.  She is a dance instructor, teaching ballet, pre-pointe and jazz to students age 5 to adult!

In addition to dancing, Lindsay is a web designer, project manager, equestrian, animal lover, and serial hobbyist!  Lindsay is proud to present this research and help dancers the world over in the search for the perfect shoe.  Thanks for stopping by!