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Buy based on Shape, not Star Rating!

“What’s your favorite pointe shoe?” A question every pointe student will ask at some point during their pointe career.  Dancers will ask friends, teachers, classmates and strangers on the internet.  She’ll consider the answers she receives, use the google or YouTube machine, read reviews, and try to make an educated decision on which shoe she should…
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January 25, 2017 0

Interview with an Adult Ballet Student: Kimberly Nichole Johnson

Welcome to the second installment in our Interview with an Adult Ballet Dancer series!  This series will follow adult students of all types and ages who dance as adults, and aren’t necessarily reaching for a professional career in dance.  Pointe Perfect knows that most ballet students aren’t dancing with the intent to go professional, so we…
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December 30, 2016 0

Interview with an Adult Ballet Dancer: Michon

Welcome to our first ever Interview with an Adult Ballet Dancer!  This series will follow adult students of all types and ages who dance as adults, and aren’t necessarily reaching for a professional career in dance.  Pointe Perfect knows that most ballet dancers won’t be pros, so we want to put a spotlight on the…
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September 29, 2016 0

Flat Feet & Ballet

Ask any dancer and she’ll tell you– if you have flat feet, your chances of getting on pointe someday aren’t looking good.  In theory, this sounds right.  How can someone with no arch  get “Over The Box” in order to work safely on pointe?  If you have flat feet, you shouldn’t throw in the towel…
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June 16, 2014 4

Pointe Shoe Reviews: A Grain Of Salt

We live in a world where anyone can go online and look up reviews for anything.  Shopping for a new computer?  Read reviews online to see how other consumers rate a high dollar object that will be used regularly for years.  Retailers, manufacturers and distributors depend on these online reviews to boost product sales and…
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February 3, 2014 1

Make Your Pointe Fitting Count!

Heading to the local dancewear shop for a pointe fitting is an exciting experience, whether you are getting your very first pair, or going in to find a better fit!  There is something so magical about that shiny pink satin.  The energy, adrenaline, excitement and whimsy of the scenario can quickly take over, possibly leaving…
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December 18, 2013 0

How Late is “Too Late” to Start Ballet?

Q:  Is it too late to start ballet at ____ years of age? A:  No.  It’s never too late to start ballet. Here at, we believe it’s never too late to begin taking ballet classes.  Dance in general is a great mental & physical workout, ballet included.  Through dance your body will develop long,…
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December 17, 2013 0

Ballet: Pain VS Discomfort

Pain and Discomfort are two feelings dancers are very intimate with.  “Work through the pain” is a common theme with athletes of all sports, and dance is no exception.  There is a difference between pain and discomfort, especially in pointe shoes that all dancers need to consider.  Pain and discomfort are two feelings that belong…
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November 18, 2013 0

Does Pointe Fit Really Matter?

In short, the answer is one giant resounding YES!  Pointe fit can make or break a dancer. The Right Shoe Will….  Become an extension of the foot Not cause tremendous pain (not to be confused with discomfort) Require minimal padding Enhance the line of the legs & feet Make rehearsal much easier Protect the bones…
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November 16, 2013 0

Gaynor Minden: Cheater Shoes or Not?

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are not only the most revolutionary pointe shoe on the market, but also the most hotly debated.  It seems you are either in one camp or another– you love them, or you think they are for cheaters and thus despise them.  Nobody loves a cheater, right?  Hopefully this article will put…
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September 30, 2013 12

Pointe Shoe Padding Technique & Theory

Pointe shoes have gone relatively unchanged since they were first designed decades ago.  Most pointe shoes are still made from a mix of cardboard, paper, leather, burlap, satin and glue.  Pointe shoe padding techniques however, have embraced modern-day technology.  There are a plethora of different padding materials and types.  With that in mind, its astounding…
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September 22, 2013 5

Over the Box

Have you heard your teacher say the phrase “over the box” in class?  Maybe you have a hard time getting over the box and are looking for ways to improve?  Let’s talk about what being “over the box” means. Over the Box:  The dancer is considered “over the box” when her foot aligned properly in…
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September 21, 2013 0