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Create & Join Groups

With PointeNation, you'll be able to participate in existing group forums & discussions as well as create public or private groups of your own!

Teachers-- create a group for your students to keep them informed & track their pointe shoes!

List Your Studio

Directors & Studio owners-- add your studio to the PointeNation directory. Help dancers find you!

Costume & Equipment Marketplace

Kids grow fast, and it only takes a few years for one dancer to quickly fill a closet or 4 to the brim with dance equipment, costumes and gently used footwear!

List, browse & buy gently used dance attire!

List & Browse Workshops & Intensives

A place for students to search for special workshops, camps and summer intensives. A place for directors & choreographers to post the same!

Advertise Your Website

Are you trying to spread the word about your very own website? To help lower the costs of keeping running, we'll be offering small select advertising spots for great rates. Reach the audience for a reasonable rate.

List Your Products

Do you make custom ballet skirts? Dance themed jewelry or art? Do you want a place where you can sell your studio gear to your students and followers? Do you own a dance shop? List your products for free in our seller's marketplace.

And Seriously, So Much More!!!!

There are many different plans in the works for future features and services. It's just not possible for our small team to have them all ready all at once. We'd rather roll out one great feature than several mediocre ones!

All we need is more time and more coffee!