Prima Soft Royale

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Prima Soft Royale is the perfect “V” vamp shoe for the dancer who loves the feel of an American shoe but likes the style of a Russian shoe.
With the Prima Soft exclusive Perfect Placement toe box and the Graduated Shank, the Royale fits narrow, medium or wide feet very well. Dancers with a “shallow foot ” construction will find the Royale gives them excellent support without gapping. The balance and placement on the Prima Soft Royale is excellent and it is extremely comfortable.

The design of the Royale enables this shoe to be worn by a wide variety of foot types. Dancers with moderate to semi high arches will find that the Royale shows excellent foot articulation. Dancers with a high arch or instep will find Royale helps to keep them from rolling or knuckling and their feet are beautifully supported in the shoe.

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X = Narrow
XX = Medium
XXX = Wide
XXXX = Extra Wide

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