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Born from the know-how of experienced craftsmen, professional advisers and former dancers, our pointe shoes are easily adjustable to the dancers’ foot morphology and according to their mastery on pointe shoes (Beginner, Medium, Advanced, Professional).

The leather sole is treated with natural tanning to preserve the original properties of the fibres and the lining made with untreated cotton. The Insole is made with materials used by the highest-quality shoe industry. The paste is made with organic polymer and natural agent. The quality of these materials guarantees a long-lived pointe shoe.

Whatever the hardness of the sole, the unique process of cambrion composition offers the dancer a smoothness which allows going through demi-point easily. The vamp of the pointe shoes depends on the chosen cambrion. For the dancers who need the hardest soles, the wings strengthen the foot support.

Sizes available from Child 13, 1 – 9

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