118 Dancers have graciously completed our Dancer Survey...

... since PointePerfect.com went live in 2013. Those dancers have given us a significant amount of fascinating data regarding pointe fitting, foot types and favorite pointe shoes.

Instead of hoarding that information, we've decided to share it with our fellow pointe fit nerds.

Age Range of Dancers Surveyed

Check that out! Most dancers who have taken our survey are teens, but it's great to see dancers of all ages with the drive to learn how their foot shape translates to pointe fit.

Body Type of Dancers Surveyed

We don't think it's a coincidence that most dancers surveyed are of thin or average body type, as most dancers surveyed are also young teenagers, but it is still interesting to note!

Toe Shape of Surveyed Dancers

We were VERY surprised with the results of this category! As you probably know by now, each pointe manufacturer offers shoes in the Tapered, Slightly Tapered & Square category, so we assumed Egyptian, Peasant & Square would be the most common answers.

Arch Type of Surveyed Dancers

It's interesting to note that not all dancers have super high arched crazy banana feet!

Most dancers surveyed have normal or high arches, with a decent amount having very low or flat arches.

Length of Time On Pointe

It's so nice to see both pointe beginners and pointe veterans seeking out information on PointePerfect.com. Welcome!

Degree of Compression of Surveyed Dancers

Most people have some degree of compression to the forefoot. More than we expected have significantly compressible feet!

Percentage of Dancers Surveyed who believe they've found their Perfect Shoe

This is perhaps the most surprising data of all. Only 13% of dancers feel they've found the perfect shoe!

That's a scary number, and we hope to help any dancer who stumbles on PointePerfect.com to find her perfect shoe.

Just for fun,

This table lists which toe type, compression, arch type and "perfect shoe" the dancers who answered YES to the previous question prefer.

Please take this information with a grain of salt, as we haven't personally verified these claims.