Gaynor Minden

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Gaynor Minden has revolutionized pointe shoe fitting, too. You specify the length, width, box, shank, vamp, and heel for a precise, professional fit—it’s the custom pointe shoe you don’t have to special order.

Extra Details:

-Gaynor Minden or “GM” pointe shoes are made of an elastometric material, not traditional cardboard/burlap/glue combination, not fiberglass, not plastic.

-The Gaynor Minden website is a pointe fitting treasure trove.  If you are considering this shoe, head over to the GM website to learn more about their shoes.

-The dancer should make sure the fit is absolutely perfect in the store, because they do not break in further, only minimally.  The shank is pre-arched and will retain its shape.  GM pointe shoes last much longer than traditional shoes, because the shank and box never deform or wear out.

-The most commonly purchased shank is the Extraflex shank.

-Gaynor Minden pointe shoes are the most controversial pointe shoes on the market today, due to their non-traditional composition.  Many people love them, many claim them to be “cheater shoes”.

GM Cheater2

CLICK HERE to read’s take on the GM Shoe

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