Ballet is hard. Make your training easier with the right pair of pointe shoes!

It's commonly said that ballet = pain. That's true in a sense, but pointe shouldn't bring excruciating pain to the dancer.
Discomfort is the true reality of ballet, not pain. Pointe Perfect is dedicated to teaching dancers, students and parents about how the shape of the foot dictates the tools (pointe shoes) each dancer needs to perform her best and to alleviate pain in the studio.

Begin with Foot Type

Every aspect of your foot translates into a specific aspect of the pointe shoe.

  • -Your toe length indicates vamp length-
  • -Your arch type indicates shank needs-
  • -Your instep indicates profile height-
  • -Your toe shape indicates box shape- 
  • -Your heel shape indicates heel type-

Use our "Learn your Foot Type" page to help decode your own feet.  


Next, Browse Shoes

With the information you learn about your feet, use our Pointe Shoe Database tool to search pointe shoes by attribute.  Choose the following attributes to receive a list of shoes that match your preferences:

  • -Box Shape-
  • -Vamp Length-
  • -Vamp Shape-
  • -Profile Height-
  • -Width-
  • -Shank Strength-
  • -Heel Type-
  • -Modern Technology-